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The Globetrotter Lounge Podcast

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or just starting out, this podcast will inspire and motivate you - while providing helpful travel tips and resources. Join award travel expert Jet Set Lisette as she has conversations with diverse women who have found creative ways to travel more. Their stories offer insight and practical advice on how to make dream travel a reality.

Jun 14, 2018

Today in episode 9 I’m talking with Annette Richmond, fashion stylist, writer, digital nomad and creator of Fat Girls Traveling – a body positive online community for larger women travelers.Not only am I inspired by all the traveling Annette is doing (and jealous of her nomad lifestyle), I’m also deeply inspired by her commitment to promoting a more diverse representation of travelers. Her hugely popular community (14K Instagram followers and over 4K Facebook group members) is shattering stereotypes and killing the notion that travel is only for thin people. And it also provides a supportive environment where women can share experiences, advice and resources – and encourage each other to travel more. During our conversation Annette shares how she started traveling more herself, why she started Fat Girls Traveling, and great tips for travelers of any size.

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