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The Globetrotter Lounge Podcast

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or just starting out, this podcast will inspire and motivate you - while providing helpful travel tips and resources. Join award travel expert Jet Set Lisette as she has conversations with diverse women who have found creative ways to travel more. Their stories offer insight and practical advice on how to make dream travel a reality.

Apr 12, 2019

For episode 25, I talk with Nubia Younge, entrepreneur, mother and founder of the Chronicles Abroad podcast. Born and raised in Boston, MA, Nubia was bit by the travel bug in 2011 when she set out on a 14 day European vacation. She spent the next six years traveling to 35 countries, while being a single mom, working full time and going to school part-time.

In early 2017 she decided to donate all of her belongings and pack a suitcase to go see the world…and now lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand. During our conversation, Nubia shares the ups and downs of her travel filled life, how she launched herself into living abroad (and why it’s bringing her so much joy), and offers tips and resources along the way.

What You'll Learn

  • How Nubia got bit with the international travel bug in her late 20s
  • Which online communities helped her start traveling more
  • How she traveled extensively despite her busy schedule and responsibilities
  • The challenges that came with traveling a lot in a short time period
  • Why she decided to pivot and think about moving abroad
  • How she ended up living in Chiang Mai
  • How she is providing financially for herself while living abroad
  • What she loves about living in Asia, and how it allows her to travel even more
  • Why she started the Chronicles Abroad podcast
  • How living abroad has changed her life  


I also answer two listener questions: 1) Is there a particular card/program that seems better/easier to use miles than the others? 2) Are there any hacks for getting the most out of your miles such as timing of ticket purchase?

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